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Impact of regulation on High Cost Short Term Credit:

How the functioning of the HCSTC market has evolved

Over 600,000 consumers of short term loans may no longer have access to credit, according to new evidence from the Consumer Finance Association (CFA) conducted with assistance from economic analysts, Oxera.

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An analysis of the short-term credit market.

This report provides an up-to-date assessment of the short-term credit market and analyses how the market has changed since the introduction of the price cap regulation in 2015. It draws on new polling of consumers of short-term credit and on industry data collected for this study.

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CFA Annual Report 2014

The Consumer Finance Association’s 2014 annual report reviews the work done by the trade association …

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CFA Annual Review 2013

The Consumer Finance Association’s inaugural annual report, looking back at 2013.

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Credit 2.0

Credit 2.0 – A commentary on borrowing and spending in the 21st Century, was researched and written by the Consumer Finance Association. It is the first in-depth analysis of short-term loan market and the impact of new FCA regulations on borrowers.

Insight was provided by Equifax, a leading consumer and business credit intelligence agency, providing insight into the latest consumer borrowing and short-term credit market trends.

As well as a range of secondary research sources, which are all cited in the report, the CFA analysed data regarding hundreds of thousands of loan applications made o CFA members in 2015. This data is independently collected and aggregated by Shelley Stock Hutter to ensure the veracity and integrity of the data.

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Responsible and Regulated: The facts about advertising of short-term loans

We have created an infographic from official data sources that puts in context the perceived issue around advertising of short-term loans.

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Climbing the Credit Ladder

Short-term loans as a path to long-term credit

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